Mitas 4 Islands Stage Race

Mitas 4 Islands Stage Race

It had been part of the long-term planning that I would ride together with Cony on the 4 Island Stage Race for 2018. We were there together last year, had a great race and were looking forward to riding all 4 islands this time.

But barely a week before we wanted to go, I had a message from Cony that she wouldn’t be able to ride…. When I read this message on my iPhone, I couldn’t believe what was written and tears came to my eyes. This can’t be true…. After having to retire after a heavy crash on the Tankwa Trek, followed by Angelika’s injury and retirement from the Cape Epic and me finishing as a Lonely Leopard…. Is the 4 Island Race going to sink without trace before even getting started? I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe this news….

As soon as I had time to concentrate between working on my fitness, I called Cony and it was obvious that something wasn’t right. We talked together, and I tried to convince her that it would be best to come anyway, give it a shot and ride as fast as possible.

She promised to give it a go and I just hoped it would be ok.

So, on the evening of the following day, the message I was hoping for… “I’ll be there with you” 😊😊😊

Since Cony wouldn’t be coming to Spillmbergo and the European Championship after the race in Croatia, we took two cars to Omisalj where we would meet the ship.

So, Tuesday, we embarked and travelled to the start for the first leg in Baska (mehr …)