Eigerbike Challenge 2018

Eigerbike Challenge 2018

In the best weather conditions possible, we started the Eigerbike Challenge.

The ascent to the Gross Scheidegg went well and Ariane and I arrived there together. Ariane led out as expected in front of me on the trail, so I could ride her line! Unfortunately, another rider blocked me in and I had to let Ariane go. When I finally overtook Störefried, Ariane was already gone! Strangely I did not feel one with my bike on the downhills today, but the legs seemed to be good. At least I rode well and recovered the 50 lost seconds back to the field and together we reached the top! Unfortunately, my relationship to my bike had not improved and Ariane rode away again!

This time the gap was even bigger, I already thought that it was over for me! However, on the ascent to the board, I was able to ride well and get back on her rear wheel! Together we rode hard downhill. In the last descent I was able to open a gap of 20seconds and took the lead in the ascent to Kleine Scheidegg! That really motivated me, I regained confidence for the rest of the race! Things went very well to about 1.5km before the mountain prize on Kleine Scheidegg! Suddenly I had stomach cramps and I lacked the strength to really continue to ride at my pace! Whats going on!

Ariane came closer and closer! I couldn’t eat any more gels and didn’t know what to drink anymore! With the last strength I steeled myself for the mountain prize, I really had the feeling I was about to fall off the bike for a moment !! I tried to hold everything together for the departure off the summit! In my muddled state I even forgot to take a new bidon at the Feedzone, so I had nothing left to drink, this was a major mistake! Even though it was almost all downhill, there were two longer counter attacks! NOT GOOD!!!

When Ariane rode away again, I finally opted for safety rather than pushing too hard and risking a fall! I couldn’t have won through a sprint today anyway! I settled for second place overall!

I fought hard, but in the end, Ariane was stronger on the day and deserved the win!

Thanks to Erich and Sponser drinks for the support!

Maybe I just had too much going on in the background last week, with preparing and continuing work for the last two days at school! Maybe the recovery time was too short! Let’s hope that I manage this week better. Monday is SCHOOL START and I have increased my stamina to 80%!

The next monster race is on the program next Saturday, the Grand Raid in Valais!

Lets see….