klein Karoo supports Swiss mountain bike champions

KleinkarooOUDTSHOORN- Two Swiss mountain bike champions, Esther Süss and Lukas Flückiger, are endorsed by Klein Karoo. Ms Süss, 39, who finished 5th at the 2012 Olympic Games in London was recently named Swiss cyclist of the year. For Ms Süss, a marathon and cross country racer who won the gold medal at the European championship, this was the third time. Twenty-nine year-old Lukas Flückiger rides for the Swiss BMC Mountainbike Racing Team, where he is a team-mate of former Olympic Gold-medalist Julien Absalon.

As ostrich meat is the healthiest red meat available, as well as being high in iron, it is a very high quality protein source for athletes. We know that the ostrich isn’t a flying bird, but on the ground it is the fastest bird. Surely, Klein Karoo’s pre-grilled ostrich meat will be an important contribution to Ms Süss and Mr Flückiger 2014 successes!