My first birthday in the summertime

Yesterday was my birthday, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was very warm. In the morning I did a easy training and after I met Jennie, Jo and Kim for lunch. We were in “Café crème” it’s a lovely small café. For dessert I got a chocolate cake it was so delicious, unbelievable yummy!!!

This three nice girls got me a very nice t-shirt – thank you so much!! I enjoyed!!




I got me for my birthday a massage. I hope now I really ready for the race tomorrow, I’m exicting ….!!¨


Hennie surprised me with a bunch of roses, thank you so much it’s so lovely.


For supper Barbara and Markus invited me to the Brogeda Winery. This is really a nice, beautiful place, very quiet andn comfortable. We ate very delicious, it was so a nice evening, thank you so much your both.


I had really a very beautiful day. And now I’m waiting to Iain, he will pick up me and bring me to Cape Town, where I will show the course and after I will pick up Erich and Marcel on the airplane. And then I really ready for the race ……..