The countdown is going ……

Hello my friend, who speaks english L that’s a difficult  start! Now the last week, before the start gun goes to the Cape Epic, has beginning. The time here in Stellenbosch was going so fast and my time here will  be finished soon, what a pity.

It was a very nice time and I found a lot of friends here. But the time is past not yet and I will enjoy the time here to the finish.


On Saturday at 7.38 is the start from Marcel and me in the Cape Epic 2009. I hope a lot of friends  will find the way to Cape Town and call us “go,go.go…” I would enjoy by myself.


So now I hope I have a nice week and can prepare me good for the race. I’m excited  and  hope I have a lot of  good news experiences ……


I wish a good week!!! Cheers  Esther


PS: I hope it has not to much of mistakes in my story!! But I’m practiseing.